Google vied for mobile Internet Thinking – part 1

In 2009 Google’s development priorities of the Internet on the move. This means that Google will fairly large part of the resources on innovation and the development of mobile Internet. Baidu absolute advantage in the face of China’s Internet search field, Google will probably maintain the status quo, instead looking to the larger piece of the mobile Internet market gaps.Google layout of the mobile InternetFirst, the wireless search will become the basis for Google to enter the mobile Internet. Google has always been to promote the diversification of technology-oriented search engine as Google’s core business is the interdependence of other expansion of business, so the mobile Internet, too. In order to seize market opportunities, Google comprehensively promote cooperation with operators and terminal manufacturers, the search interface implanted in operating systems and various software.Second, not only to promote the wireless search through cooperation, Google with technical superiority, while the various initiative in their own hands.


The first is their own production of mobile terminals, GPHONE shake Apple’s launch of direct IPHONE market; secondly, the development of mobile operating system, Google Android as a free open-source platform, the mobile terminal to the application, but also to promote the Google wireless Internet applications.Third, after the completion of the wireless search of basic services and end the occupation of the market, Google will take this as a circle, began to develop in depth. Such as Google satellite map and thus developed positioning system Google Latitude, this application both for individual users or business users will have unlimited imagination; in addition, one of the highlights of life services Search is Google’s, from the weather to the house, From catering to the map, unavoidably available through Google search, will undoubtedly enhance the viscosity of the individual user.

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