Google vied for mobile Internet Thinking Part-2

Finally, the Google AdSense moved to wireless Internet, it indicates that Google focuses on wireless Internet advertising, along with the development of 3G, a rapid increase in wireless Internet sites, Google AdSense advertising market in the wireless network is also bound to write brilliant.Fourth, Google the most powerful, perhaps, itself endless technological innovation. Craig Mundie said: “If we look back at the past one hundred years of history of the various global economic recession in the post-crisis peak of the companies took those companies invest huge funds in research and development.”


Google in the finished product layout After that, perhaps will focus on the development of industry standards. Wireless Internet is still a nascent market, the establishment of standards can promote the development of the whole industry, Google’s “cloud computing” or will accelerate this process.Baidu threat to Google’sBaidu wireless Internet pace has been followed, although now, in the wireless search terms Google has been playing a pioneer role, but look back at the history and tradition of the Internet, Baidu is a come from behind in the field of wireless Internet, will history repeat itself? First, the brand is established, according to the survey, in the Chinese market Google and Baidu’s brand awareness was 64% and 86.5%, Baidu occupied a considerable advantage in the localization strategy, Google has been better than Baidu.Secondly, Lee, a man joined Baidu Baidu has been interpreted as a signal to enter the communications industry, and comprehensive cooperation with Nokia also let Baidu has a substantial market resources. Finally, the wireless Internet market is not yet mature, wireless searching converted to commercial search is far less than the traditional Internet, Google can be said to cross the river by feeling the stones, Baidu watching the market and steadily follow up, enjoying the results, after emptive also not a bad idea.

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