Google’s Secret Money Making for adsense

To completely understand the google principle get money, you need to know about google how to cheat advertisersTwo, google advertisers that use several weaknesses:

1. One of the weaknesses: new users adwords tricky unfamiliarityAs long as you have just registered google adwords , through adwords to advertise, if there is no special setup, system mode ad will appear directly in the google adsense on the alliance website. Google adsense ad performance league than google results search results, it is a world of difference, but google adsense clicks brings is very large. So your advertising costs would also like rushing out like water.Simply put, google adwords ads appear on your default google adsense on, but google adsense click large, the quality is very low, new users are always noticing it wasted a lot of advertising.

2. Two weaknesses of: most advertisers do not understand professional advertising effect detectionMost advertisers in google adwords ads in the future, to understand the proportion of advertising effectiveness testing is very little very little. So most of them sleepwalk spending money, even if they spend most of the money is wasted money, but also do not know.Most of these false hits are from google adsense affiliate sites brought the money, google does not like to affiliate sites promised, returned to these ignorant advertisers, but to stay in their own pockets.Very small part of the united states as long as the advertisers on google conducted a class action, and to address these issues, google out of the 9000 wan get them. This 90 -million, the real pay is 3,000 million dollars to buy counsel’s fees, that reputational 6,000 square does not really give those victimized advertisers, just symbolic flower in accordance with each 1,000 dollars anti 3.8 dollars google advertising only, for those who suffer advertisers, did not want to return to their loss. Google actually only spent 3000 wan buy lawyers. 3000 square this number to google in terms of revenue by deception, only a small cost only.In other words, even if there is a small part of advertisers found their ad, there are many false hits costs, if you do not sue google , you can not get back by google cheated of money, even if you go to sue, nor get. Like the united states that a class action, because the impact is too great, google frightened out of the secret was revealed, it simply bribed lawyers in the manner of reconciliation to resolve. Those advertisers know their deception was not able to return to their loss. For most of google deceive advertisers, are still in the dark. Because they do not understand the professional advertising testing, did not know himself through google adwords to bring traffic, how much traffic is spam.

Emphasis:Google is relying on word of mouth promotion and news, google is very user understand the psychological, so they make money even tricky, but also thoroughly studied psychology advertisers and webmasters use both sides of the weaknesses of the two sides some deception by these means to improve their income.


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