Make Money – Google adsense

Here mention a few points:

1. Google seal those they called cheating why not start the site closure, and wait until all accounts have a high income, or income after accumulated to high seal it?

2. Google refused to pay the advertising fee is rejected pointed website violated google specific terms piece. And the use of the word tough, busy cross unreasonable.

3. Google blocked account when said individual owners who return the money back to advertisers, really return it? Simply lying to owners, which just took a very, very small part to settle a small part of its advertisers prosecution only.

4. Google words advertisers take advantage of the general unfamiliarity of its operations, its default trust settings, so many customers advertising not accurate, mostly wasted advertising costs.

5. Google cheat a website can add hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue, lie 10 ten thousand small and medium individual owners can increase the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

6. Welcome to supplement , if we are google ‘s fraud as well as those encountered